Are you already a sponsor and are looking for the download packs? Click here!

Are you enjoying the content from redhotsonic? Do you want to get more from the channel with extra backstage content or maybe highlighted messages within the live streams or other extra goodies? Then you can become a Sponsor of redhotsonic! There are three packages to choose from!

The Starter Package - For £0.99 a month

    • A loyalty badge next to your name. You get a red ribbon badge when you first sign up, and you start to gain Chaos Emeralds based on how long you stay. Ranging from a bronze emerald to a ruby emerald!
    • Your messages highlighted yellow in my live streams.
    • Use secret emojis on my live streams that no other user can use.

The Basic Package - For £2.99 a month

  • Everything from the Starter Package
  • A Fast Track ticket to the redhotfan channel in redhotsonic's Discord server.
  • A new and higher role in redhotsonic's Discord server (above Long-Time Fans)

The Sponsor Package - For £4.99 a month

  • Everything from the Starter and Basic Package
  • Another secret text channel in redhotsonic's Discord server which contains backstage on-the-fly content such as screenshots of videos in the making, etc. I also chat here quite often
  • Access to the Sponsor VC in Discord
  • A dark red colour role in Discord which is high up on the member list (above Long-Time Fans and Starter Sponsors)
  • Extra commands to use with Sakura (bot) in Discord.
  • Early showings to all BDIWORH videos (and most other videos) in the Sponsor VC.
  • Your name on-screen on future videos (at the end), and on my live streams (on the ‘Here We Go’ screen).
  • Access to the 'Downloads Pack' page! The password for these downloads will be shared via the community page or the backstage channel in my Discord server.

The Pro Package - For £8.99 a month

  • Everything from the Starter, Basic and Sponsor Package
  • Join in some live streams with redhotsonic
  • Play some private games with redhotsonic, some of them can even be live streams!
  • A slightly darker red colour role in Discord which is higher up on the member list (above Sponsors)
  • I will follow you on Twitter

To become a sponsor, click on the JOIN button and follow the on-screen guidelines. Once done, all YouTube features will be enabled! For your Discord privileges, make sure to join redhotsonic's Discord server, and have your Discord account linked with your sponsored YouTube account!

Obtain the badge next to your name and get your messages highlighted yellow within the video stream to stand out from the crowd.


The basic package grants you a fast-track pass to the redhotfan channel in redhotsonic's Discord server whereas the Sponsor or Pro package also gets you access to backstage where secret goodies can be found!